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NLP Coaching & Core Transformational Therapies

      Are you living your life on purpose or are you the victim of your circumstances?
Whether you are fighting an addiction, a stubborn weight issue, a past you'd like to let go of 
or a phobia; or if you're feeling stuck, frustrated and going nowhere, and you've had it with 
feeling powerless and conflicted; and you're ready to get serious about getting over your issues, you're ready to make some really positive changes in your life; I can help. By changing your current programming; you can step out of your own way, get empowered and fired up to reach your goals.

  Problem Solving

     The solution to your problem might not always be obvious, but with a little patience, perseverance, and curiosity, we’ll discover it. By asking the right questions, you might find the problem can change or even disappears. Working together makes the process a relaxing and even fun experience. During the process, you will find out many fascinating facts about yourself and you will gain many valuable tools that will empower you to make better choices so you can get better results.

Healing Strategies

  Using a mix of modalities, I gently guide you to a more resourceful place where a
more powerful, happy and successful you is revealed. Healing strategies include:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (to assist you in installing new neurological 
     patterns so you can get the results you want).

  • Hypnotherapy (to install new behaviors and eradicate non-productive ones).

  • Timeline Therapy™ (useful to discover the root cause of a problem) can be used like a 
      time machine, back into the past or to explore the future you.

  • Past-life Regression (for exploration purposes and your own realization). Part of TLT 
     described above.

  • Future pacing (same as above, to give you a glimpse of how your future will play out 
     with all your new resources, sealing in your confidence and commitment to your goals.

  *  Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT - I'll show you how to tap your problems away.
  • Art Therapy (tickles your imagination, sparks your creativity and 
     Fosters the connection between the heart and the mind.

  • Laughter Therapy (Laughter is the best medicine; it literally speeds your  
     healing) under a new light; you'll discover your problems become hilarious!        
  • Chakra Therapy (to cleanse, balance and energize your energy centers) I use
     EFT, Reiki and Pranic Healing (to keep you in a healthy and positive flow).

​                                                         Current Promotion

     For a limited time; we're offering your choice of FREE 30 minutes Reiki or Pranic healing session when you purchase any of our coaching package. Please call or email your questions for package details and fees.

     Both Reiki and Pranic healing are non-touch, non-invasive, no-drug healing modalities that utilize the divine source energy to restore balance and wellness to the body, the mind and spirit. You'll walk away feeling cleansed and renewed with a fresh and healthy outlook that will support your progress in your journey towards better health, wealth and overall happiness.